Friday, May 3, 2013

Deadlifts and Box Jumps

I was a little nervous about tonight's WOD since lunges always make me feel like I have daggers shooting into my butt checks and that's definitely not what I need for tomorrow's hilly 5k.  But I did it anyways, even though Jason wussed out and stayed home.  I'd never done a farmer's carry before, so I chose a lighter weight, but after carrying babies under both arms for the last two years, I could have gone heavier.  I finished in 10:21 with 15 lb weights for the carry and 10 lbs for the lunges. 

I stuck around after the WOD to see who was going to be at the late class, but nobody showed up, so Coach Bobby worked with me on some skills.  I did my first box jump ever and deadlifted 135 lbs for two reps.  We didn't want to really push to hard because of tomorrow's race, but I'm pretty excited about the deadlift.  I'd never gone heavy before and I'm sure I can at least hit my body weight next time. 

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