Saturday, December 22, 2012


For weeks we practiced.  She was going to say hi, give him a hug, and tell him that she wanted a guitar for Christmas.

Yeah.  That's exactly how it went.

I think there is something about the tender age of 2 that requires children to be terrified of Santa.  

She was perfectly fine waiting in line and she was perfectly fine as soon as we left.  She just really didn't want to sit on Santa's lap.  Afterwards, she told me she was sorry she cried and that she was scared of Santa.  But she waved and blew a kiss on our way out, so I'm sure Santa will forgive her. 

Then we spent the afternoon watching Christmas classics.  After it got dark, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.  It was FREEZING because I hadn't planned on getting out of the car, but the babies loved walking around and seeing all the lights.  Harper had to comment on every display and she talked about how she saw Santa in the window and how he must be really busy since he was at the mall all day.  She is so hilarious sometimes. 

The day was absolutely perfect.  Jason has missed so much lately because of his schedule, and it was really nice to have him around for some holiday festiveness.

On a side note, if you're waiting in line to see Santa maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't loudly tell your kids that Santa is fake and that last year's mall Santa died because he got too old.  I mean, tell your kids whatever in the privacy of your own home, but do you really need to say that Santa died with dozens of kids around? 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

This, My Friends, is My Family

I love Facebook.  As a military family, it's helped me keep in contact with people that I would have normally drifted apart from.  I've been able to reconnect with friends and it's a very easy way to share our life with family because, let's face it, I suck at blogging.

But at the same time, I hate Facebook.  Some of the stuff people post is just, well, stupid.

So here's the deal.  I'm incredibly open-minded.  I sat through the elections reading posts from both sides.  You like Obama.  Good for you.  You like Romney.  Whatever floats your boat.  But when you start posting stuff about Obama being a socialist or Romney eating babies or whatever stupid stuff was being posted, I'm going to delete you.  If you post well-researched criticism about Obama's foreign policy or Romney's tax returns, I can respect that even if I don't agree with you. 

Well, yesterday a tragedy happened and everyone on the internet has to comment about it.  There were the typical "we must destroy all guns" posts.  There were the typical "you'll have to pry my gun from my cold, dead hands" posts.  Again, whatever.  But then there were posts about how shootings wouldn't happen if we put God back into schools.

Um, hello?

So let me get this straight; Christians don't shoot people?  Christians have never committed a violent act?

Let me back up here for a second.  I'm a Christian.  I believe in God.  Kaelin has been raised in the Church and went to Catholic school.  I'm not anti-Christian and I'm not anti-religion.  I do, however, have a problem with people forcing their religion on others.  I have a problem with people who use the Bible as a reason for discrimination.  I have a problem with people who think you have to be Christian to be a good person. 

I posted this on Facebook this morning.

It seems completely logical to me.  Atheists kill people.  Muslims kill people.  Jews kill people.  Christians kill people.  I mean, these are simple facts, not social commentary.  There's even a record of an Amish man who killed his family.  Obviously, one believing in God does not prevent them from being a bad person.  I get that people disagree with me, but God is not a panacea.

So after several more hours of "God is the answer" posts, I started deleting people.  You have every right to post whatever you want to post on Facebook, but I have every right not to read it.  Simple enough, right?  It's not that I'm intolerant of other viewpoints, but forcing God into public schools will do absolutely nothing to prevent future shootings.  Talk about less gun control or more gun control or mental health or police officers or some other solution; but don't look to God to solve this for us. 

Then I got a message from a family member I deleted.  I really shouldn't be surprised by the way the conversation went since this was the same person who called me ignorant when I was 7 years old.  I would find it funny if it wasn't so sad.

Well, I guess I didn't make the cut! But, that is fine. I still stand behind what I believe in! Our nation was built on Christian principles and God was involved from the very beginning! One Nation Under God use to mean something to people!! And when we took God out of schools that was the start of a big downfall! And it's not about what religion you are its the relationship that you have with God! So, while your spreading all of your nonsense on face book about people and their religions, more so about their relationship with God remember what your preaching to people about. Maybe you should stop and listen to yourself!! Maybe you should stop and read the bible more!! I pray that you find what ever it is your looking for and that the people around you are as perfect as your are. Because I know that there is only one that is perfect that is Jesus Christ!! And yes in my household it's Merry Christmas and He is the reason for every season not just Christmas!!! No need to respond and I'm sure you'll splatter this all over face book, as your preaching to people about what they put on face book!!

And my response.

Our nation was actually founding on the principle of separation of Church and state. If you recall, the earliest settlers were escaping religious persecution from Europe and wanted the freedom to worship whatever God they wanted in whatever manner they wanted. So, although our nation was founded by Christians, our nation was not built upon a Christian foundation.
Taking religion out of school did not start this "downfall." I can name numerous people in the family who claim to be Christians, but do not practice as such, like premaritial sex or cheating on their spouses. Yet, I know many people who are not Christian who are good people. As I said on Facebook, having religion does not make one a good person. Many killers have done so in the name of God.

I read the Bible. I have read the Bible numerous times, both as a Catholic and as an academic. Yet, I realize the Bible for what it is: a work of fiction containing parables and myths that have been selected and edited by elite groups over centuries and centuries. While there are great lessons to be learned from the book, it is not infallible and was written in a different time such as when eating meat could kill you because of contamination. It wasn't safe to eat meat 2000 years ago, so the Bible said to eat fish. Does that mean we shouldn't currently eat meat?

In regards to Christmas, please celebrate as you wish. However, there is not a war on Christmas, and you should not be offended if someone wishes you Happy Holidays, the same way that others should not be offended if you wish them Merry Christmas. But please know that while you strive to keep Jesus as the focus for Christmas, the early Christians of Rome took the traditions of a pagan holiday, Saturnalia, and used that as the grounds to convert pagans to Christianity. The Christmas tree that you posted pictures of is lovely, but it has nothing to do with the birth of your Savior.

I have never preached about what people should or shouldn't post on Facebook. Anyone is free to post whatever they like, as I am free to use my block and unfriend buttons if I care not to read what they are posting. You are allowed to disagree with me, as I am allowed to disagree with you. You will always be my aunt, but that does not mean I need to see your unfounded opinions on Facebook everyday. Yes, I will be posting your message on Facebook, as well as my response to it, as an example of why I deleted so many people from friends list.

By the way, telling someone they need to read the Bible more or calling their opinions on religion nonsense is not a very Christian thing to do.
 Here's what I got back.
Your a piece of work, and I will pray for you because you need it!!! And post all you want, if people don't agree with you or fit into your mold you think that they are wrong!! I forgot that you've done everything and know everything!! So, what should have been a private message you've just turned into something ugly!! So, I hope that your proud of yourself!! So, post all you want!!!! God Bless and Merry Christmas!!!
 And my final words.
I don't believe that anybody who doesn't agree with me is wrong; I just don't care to hear about how pushing religion on our public schools will stop people from killing each other as the majority of killers in our country claim to be Christian. I believe that teaching children how to be a good person is more important than making them memorize scripture.

And yes, I am very proud of myself. I served my country, and I have an amazing family who I never get to see because he is selflessly protecting our country's right to freedom. I have three wonderful children who make my life worth living. I have a great job that I love. I have parents who love me and numerous friends who respect my beliefs whether or not they share those beliefs.

I was not aware that your message was supposed to be private as you specifically told me to share away. And I'm not quite sure how I have made things ugly as I believe I have been very respectful of your beliefs and have shared mine in a civilized way.

With all that being said, I truly hope you do have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with the babies. I know how hard it is on the kids to be so far away from their grandma.
Between this and the aunt who told me I was going to hell for "gay loving," I'm probably not going to be invited to any more family reunions.

Oh well.