Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthday Wish List

Since my birthday is coming up, I thought I would make things easy on Jason and give him a wish list to pick from.  Honestly, I'd rather be surprised, but really, gift-giving is not his forte. 

1.  Bic Band, $12
I am constantly on a search for a headband that will actually stay put on my weird shaped head, and so far, I haven't had much luck.  I desperately need a headband while my bangs are growing out, and the Bic Band seems to have the best reviews. 

2.  Capri Running Pants, $45
I need these pants.  I have athletic thighs that rub together when I run.  No kidding, when I wear traditional running shorts, my thighs will chafe and bleed, so I need something longer that doesn't ride up.  Traditional running capris look ridiculous on me because they end at the calf, but these pants hit slightly below the knee and will be much more flattering. 

3.  Champion Sports Bra, $26
I'm really tired of having to wear 2 bras and still having bounce problems.  This bra is supposed to have maximum support without giving a uni-boob.  I'm skeptical, but the reviews are promising. 

4.  Under Armour Compression Shorts, $25
As I said in #2, my current running shorts just aren't working.  These seem like they would work well for both running and Crossfit. 

5.  Workout shirts, $10
My box has their own shirts, but you really just can't beat the price on these shirts from Target.  I mean, why pay more than $10 for something that's just going to get pit stains anyways?

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