Saturday, April 6, 2013

Trails and Tea

Spring finally showed up in Hampton Roads, so we decided to drive out to Windsor Castle Park for today's run.  Since my 5k is being held there next month, we figured we'd check it out.  It was gorgeous!

There was 3.8 miles of looping trails along the water and through the woods, so we just picked a direction and started to run.  It was a bit challenging to push the double stroller up and down the hills, but Harper loved it and kept yelling for us to go faster.  We only did 2.3 miles, but after running on nothing but asphalt for the last two years, the trail was tough. 

And Kaelin did awesome!

Afterwards, we went to this little tea shop in Smithfield that specializes in organic and gluten-free treats and got the kids cupcakes.  I enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate since it was a bit chilly outside. 

I hope spring decides to stick around a little bit, since we usually go from winter straight into summer because it was a pretty wonderful day!

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