Sunday, July 8, 2012

Immanuel's House Race for a Place 5k

Yesterday, my family ran their first 5k race.  Sort of.  We were all registered.  Jason drove up the night before with the jogging stroller. 

And then I tore the meniscus in my left knee. 

Well, I was determined to earn my t-shirt, so I packed the babies in the stroller and was set to walk it with Kaelin and my mom.  But when we got to the race, it turned out to be on a massively steep trail that wasn't really jogging stroller friendly.  Plus, Noah puked all over himself (and the stroller) as soon as we got there. 

Oh well.  I helped out the other volunteers and cheered on the finishers.  I guess that means I can wear the shirt, right?

My dad, mom, and Jason finished.  Kaelin didn't.  I was disappointed that she didn't at least walk it, but it was much warmer than usual and we weren't expecting the hill.  At least she tried.  She would have been the youngest finisher in the race's history, though. 

Flat area to the finish. (26:08 and 26:11)

Crossing the finish line. (45:41)

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