Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It's official.  We now owe more money to Wells Fargo than we do to the federal government. 


Anyways, I'm completely in love with this house.  The location is perfect.  Six playgrounds within 2 miles.  Starbucks is two minutes away.  You've got the interstate, grocery stores, and a mall in one direction.  Farmland and orchards in the other.  The front is a quiet cul-de-sac with lots of kids.  The back overlooks the water.

The move... not so much love there.  We were scheduled to close on Monday morning and we were going to get a U-Haul on Friday.  Jason and his work friends were supposed to be off for a long weekend and I hearts me some free labor.  Then the Navy changed it's mind and took back the day off.  Jason requested leave to help me move, but it was denied.  Well, I wasn't about to move by myself.  I mean, I'm pretty buff and all, but I'm not carrying furniture up stairs by myself.  Especially with three kids clinging to my ankles.  Plus, my treadmill weighs something like 8 tons.  
I broke down and hired movers.  Scheduled them for Tuesday morning.  Everything was packed up and we were sitting on boxes waiting.  I called the company and was told the truck was on it's way.  Waited some more.  And more.  Called back and was informed that we were actually on the books for a Thursday move and our liason was no longer working with the company.


After some screaming (and maybe a little crying), some movers show up at 5 PM.  It took 3 guys 6 hours to load up the truck and another 4 to get to the new house and unload.  The best part is that all of this cost twice as much as we were quoted because we had to pay overtime.  It cost us $1,000 more to move across town than it did to move from Kansas to Virginia.  I was not happy, but at 3 AM, there was no management available to talk to me and I was too tired to put up much of a fight. 

We still love the house, though. 


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  1. I hope you raised hell with the moving company management today! That is ridiculous. But your new house is beautiful!